Staff representatives

Amanda Hacker


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Amanda represents Department of Natural Resources statewide and all DNR members working in Olympic, South Puget Sound, Northwest, and Northeast regions.

Amanda also represents members at Kitsap Regional Library.


Heather Kafton

Heather Kafton360-972-0149
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Heather represents all members at the Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss, and the Washington State School for the Blind. She also represents members at Clark and Olympic colleges.

Heather represents members at Fort Vancouver Regional Library. She also represents Department of Natural Resources members in the Pacific Cascades region and Department of Revenue members in the Vancouver office.


John Littel

John Littel509-480-2590
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John represents Washington Military Department members statewide. He also represents all Department of Natural Resources members in the Southeast region as well as Department of Revenue members working in Eastern Washington.

John represents members at Columbia Basin, Walla Walla, amd Wenatchee Valley colleges.

Patrick Neville

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Patrick is the statewide representative for all members at the Washington State Patrol. He also represents Department of Revenue members working in the Bellingham and Bothell offices.

Patrick represents members at Cascadia, Edmonds, and Skagit Valley colleges.

Kathleen Oest

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Kathleen is an organizer/staff representative. She represents members at Grays Harbor College and Tacoma Community College.

Steve Sloniker


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Steve is the statewide representative for all members at the Department of Agriculture and at the Liquor and Cannabis Board. He also represents members at Highline, Pierce, and Yakima Valley colleges.

Anna Vosk

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Anna Vosk

Anna represents Department of Revenue statewide and all DOR members working in Olympia, Federal Way, Kent, Port Angeles, Tacoma, and Tumwater.

Anna is also statewide representative for the Department of Licensing and the representative for Bellevue College.




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What is the Friedrichs case?

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association is a lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court that could eliminate union security clauses and fair share requirements for all public employees.


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What are fair share requirements and union security clauses?

Our union is required by law to negotiate for everyone in a workplace. Employees who don’t want to belong to our union contribute to the cost of that representation through fair share requirements, instead of dues. It’s only fair that all workers help pay for the cost of securing those benefits and protections. Union-friendly states, like Washington, allow “fair share” requirements while union-hostile states (a.k.a., right-to-work [for less] states), like Idaho and Wisconsin, have eliminated them.

Union security clauses, also known as a “union shop” require employees covered by the contract to join the union, and pay dues or fair share requirements. Members decide if they want to have a union shop and vote to accept this as part of their contract. Union shops have better contracts and working conditions because everyone benefitting is also contributing.

What’s at stake for members of public employee unions?

If the Supreme Court eliminates union-security clauses and fair share fees, public sector union members lose their ability to have everyone pay their fair share. Employees could abandon their membership and not pay a dime towards the work of representation, but still get the benefits and improvements that others build and maintain. Members’ ability to improve their own contracts, wages, and benefits will be greatly diminished.



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