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Legislature passesĀ budget in seven-hour second special session

After much debate and a seven-hour second special session that began at midnight on April 10, the legislature has finally adjourned sine die. Here are the final details that matter most to WPEA members:

Sick-leave buyout. WPEA worked with Representative Sam Hunt (D-22), Senator Steve Conway (D-29), and the Liquor Control Board to achieve a sick-leave buyout for LCB store managers and warehouse operators. View the sick-leave buyout details in the budget.

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Cuts to pension benefits for future public employees. The final version of the pension “reform” that passed:

Thanks to everyone who contacted their legislators on this issue. The end result was not as bad as the original, disastrous plan. However, this benefit cut for new hires does not save any money in the budget and is still just more of the same piling on already over-worked, underpaid, scapegoated public employees. How did your legislator vote on the bill? Check out the House and Senate roll-call votes.

No job losses at:


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