Join us for the PRR hearing on Friday

If you live near Olympia, join us for the Public Records Request hearing in Thurston Superior Court on Friday afternoon (July 29).

On Friday, June 3, WPEA won a preliminary injunction to prevent the release of your names and birthdates to the Freedom Foundation. This hearing could make that injunction permanent.

The hearing will be in Judge Wilson's courtroom in Building 2. Court convenes at 1:30pm, so plan to arrive at 1pm. Contact WPEA for more information and read more below.


2016 scholarship application due soon

UPDATE: The 2016 WPEA scholarship deadline is extended to August 1, 2016. The scholarship is open to WPEA members in good standing, and their families. The scholarships, which will be awarded for use in Fall 2016, include:

Check out the application for more information.


VotePrimary ballots now out

Your primary ballot are now out and are due back by Tuesday, August 2. This is a big primary year, with 671 candidates running for federal, statewide, legislative, county, judicial and local offices.

WPEA has endorsed a number of candidates, including:

For more endorsements, visit the Washington State Labor Council’s list of endorsements. You can mail your ballot in or return it to a ballot drop box near you. Check your local county elections division for a complete list of ballot drop boxes.


WPEA wins prelimimary injunction on Freedom Foundation's PRR

On Friday, June 3, WPEA won a preliminary injunction in Thurston Superior Court against the release of members’ personal information to the Freedom Foundation.

The Court decided to prevent the release of your names and birthdates; there will be another hearing on July 29 to make that injunction permanent. The court did rule to allow the release of members’ work email addresses. WPEA appealed that ruling but the appeal was rejected by the Court of Appeals. The lists of email addresses were delivered to the Freedom Foundation starting June 6.

We encourage you to check with your Agency/Institution HR office for guidance on how to respond if you receive non-work related emails from the Freedom Foundation at work. If you are contacted by the Foundation on your work email, WPEA’s advice is that you do not respond. Responding could put you in violation of Washington’s ethics rules governing the use of the state email system for personal use.  You could be subject to discipline and a fine by the Washington State Ethics Board.

WPEA will continue to update members of any changes in our fight to protect you against this group.  Read more below.


The Freedom Foundation makes broad request for member information

Jami Lund from the Freedom Foundation is demanding the state release personal information about state employees, including birthdates.  This is the same organization that works to dismantle state government and destroy unions.

The organization submitted a Public Records Request for union members’ personal information including your name, birthdate, and work email.  WPEA is fighting back in court but you can take action now.

Tell Jami Lund and the Freedom Foundation you don’t want to be contacted by them and you are angry that they are requesting your personal information.  Join the other members already standing up against this violation. Call the Freedom Foundation at 360-956-3482 and demand your privacy.


notepadBargaining season begins!

There is a password-protected website set up just for bargaining. You’ll be able to get regular updates from the bargaining website all summer!

We’re expecting to have bargaining on these four contracts completed by the end of August, in time for a September ratification vote by the membership.

We’ll have updates on bargaining at Ft. Vancouver Regional Libraries and Kitsap Regional Library as we get closer to bargaining this fall.

To support your bargaining team, ask your staff rep, shop stewards or local bargaining team member about getting a pro-bargaining button to wear with Union pride at your worksite!

Good luck to all the bargaining teams as they head to the table!


Students stand up for classified staff

Students at Bellevue College are standing with the classified staff in opposition to the Freedom Foundation’s request for personal information:

“We, the Associated Student Government of Bellevue College, recognize the value and importance of laws such as the Open Public Records Act that allow members of the community to request information on the workings of their government. However, we feel that the Freedom Foundation’s use of a public records request is a blatant abuse of the privileges that the open public records act provides. These laws are intended to provide transparency to governments. They are not a tool to gather private, personal information in order to fuel political campaigns or for private gain.”

“This is solidarity built on trust and established relationships,” said WPEA VP Becky Turnbull.  Becky worked to educate the college board and ASG about the Freedom Foundation’s request, hopes to build more support between students, faculty, board, and staff.  Great work, Becky—we know this will inspire action at more colleges and worksites across the state!


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SCOTUS updates

On March 29, SCOTUS announced a 4-4 ruling on Friedrichs v. CTA, upholding the lower court's decision in favor of public-sector unions.

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