Update on Washington state election

The 2016 election had a lot of twists but we're excited to see that Hilary Franz will be the new Commissioner of Public Lands. Here are the results for WPEA's endorsed candidates (and initiative):

Check out The Stand's website for information on other races or visit the Secretary of State's website.


GG and HE CBAs ratified

The Higher Education and General Government contracts were overwhelmingly ratified by the membership. The Higher Education contract was approved with 99 percent of votes and the General Government contract was approved with 96 percent. The summary of changes is available on the bargaining website.


WPEA fights new PRR

A new group has emerged, requesting public employees' information through a Public Records Request. Little is known about the group called "Practigov" but they have requested information on grievance records. WPEA was able to secure a temporary restraining order on this request.

There is still no court date set for the Court of Appeals hearing over the current injunction against the Freedom Foundation's PPR.


Highline contract ratified by 98%

On September 22, WPEA members at Highline College ratified the 2017-2019 bargaining agreement. The agreement will go into effect July 2017.


WPEA President Kent Stanford delivered a powerful speech at this month's Invest in Washington rally

On September 1, more than one thousand Washington public employees rallied in the State Capitol Rotunda. The rally was to tell Gov. Jay Inslee to fund real raises and help close the pay gap between public employees and their counterparts in the private sector. Read more in The Stand.

Read the full article, 99 percent of Washington state employees paid less than their counterparts, on kiro.com.


Court of Appeals extends injunction

In April, the Freedom Foundation submitted public records requests for WPEA members’ names, dates of birth, and work email addresses.  On August 16, the Washington State Court of Appeals ruled to extend a previous injunction that WPEA won protecting the release of your dates of birth to the Freedom Foundation. 

The Union demonstrated a debatable issue as to whether the employees' dates of birth are exempt from disclosure under the privacy exemption, RCW 42.56.230(3), particularly in this era of cybercrime and the use of dates of birth as identity verification. What this means is that the judge believes the union has made a point that is debatable; that the release of the birthdates could harm its members.

A new hearing will soon be scheduled so the Union can make that argument in front of the Appeals Court. WPEA will continue to fight to prevent the release of your personal information and keep you up-to-date. We will inform you of that new date as soon as it is scheduled. So, be sure to check this website and your email for updates as this case progresses.


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