WPEA Prepares for Officer Elections

Every three years, WPEA members have the opportunity to nominate and elect union officers. Nomination meetings were held around the state in July. For this year's election, there are two contested positions that require an election: WPEA president and secretary-treasurer.

Here are the candidates:

WPEA President

  • Dave Schiel--WPEA
  • Kent Stanford--DNR


  • Mark Baca--DOR
  • Jason Holland--WPEA

The positions for WPEA recorder and the district vice presidents were not contested, so the nominees were elected by affirmation. Several positions remain open and will be appointed by the 2015-2017 WPEA President, including the vice presidents for Districts 2, 8, 10, and 11.

The following are the vice presidents for the 2015-2017 term: District 1, Carl Sofie; District 3, Frank Akerley; Disctrict 4, Larry Pasco; District 5, Roger Montanez; District 6, Shannon Clark; District 7, Patti Pollardo; District 9, Becky Turnbull. Fawn Hacker was elected as WPEA Recorder.

Timeline of nominations and elections:

June 20--Notice of nominations and election mailed to members
July 12 and 13--Nomination meetings held at 16 locations statewide
August 8--Ballots mailed to eligible members
September 4--Ballots must be received at WPEA PO Box by 5pm
September 5--Ballots counted and candidates notified by phone


Check out the latest member magazine

Highlights include DNR members helping with Oso disaster, the second annual WPEA scholarship awards, endorsements for the August primary, and marijuana in Washington. Read it now.


Contract bargaining focuses on COLAs

Contract bargaining is currently underway for WPEA’s Higher Education and General Government contracts, and employee compensation continues to be the highest priority for both bargaining teams.

In December, Governor Inslee was quoted as saying, “State employees have also gone without COLA increases since 2008. That is just too long to wait.” WPEA intends to hold Governor Inslee to his word.

Contract bargaining started in the second week of June and will continue through the summer. Be sure to attend member meetings in your local area and check the WPEA website for bargaining updates.

Below are the bargaining team members:

General Government
Frank Ackerly (DOR)
Paul Baldwin (WSSB)
Jeff Freshley (WSDA)
Joe Hubbard (DOL)
Bob Marshall (DNR)
Frank Marshall (DOR)
Larry Pasco (WSP)
Kent Stanford (DNR)

Higher Education
Candace Alvarez (OC)
Jaleel Brown (TCC)
Rafe Carroll (WVCC)
Billie Garner (CC)
Linda Gulbransen (PC)
Randy Karnath (GHC)
Mindy Neissl (WWCC)
Jan Ng (BC)
Patti Pollardo (EdCC)
Alex Swidergal (CCC)


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