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Sign up for WPEA action emails and text alerts, and you can be entered to win monthly prizes! WPEA will select monthly gift card winners from September through November. Then all entries will be eligible for the grand prize drawn on December 4: two tickets to the December 20 Seahawks football game!

Why Seahawks tickets? We shop union.

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When WPEA decided recently to have a giveaway as part of our efforts get members to update their email and phone number contact information with us, we wanted a final drawing prize that would grab attention and be something members would enjoy. Given how the 12’s fandom has grown all across Washington in the last few years, Seahawks tickets seemed like a no-brainer. But it’s more than that. The smaller gift card prizes in the giveaway include Safeway gift cards partly because Safeway is a union shop, staffed by our UFCW brothers and sisters. Many people don’t think about the fact that the NFL is a union shop, too.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) was founded in 1956, the same year as WPEA. Over the years, they’ve fought for recognition and the rights of their members, and they’ve bargained at the table over wages, hours, and working conditions just like we have. Through bargaining, strikes, and lawsuits, the players have won benefits like a pension plan, guaranteed salaries for injured players, and the modern free agency system. You can see any number of NFL controversies from the last few years through the lens of collective bargaining rights. Tom Brady got in front of a judge over his “Deflategate” suspension because the grievance process in their collective bargaining agreement includes an appeal to a neutral outsider. It’s the same kind of grievance step that allows us to take member grievances to arbitration. No matter how you feel about the Patriots or Tom Brady, that process is a win for union contract enforcement.

The NFLPA also has member leaders just like our Shop Stewards and District VP’s. They’re called “Player Reps” and there are 2-4 on every team. Richard Sherman is the Seahawks chief shop steward. So when you hear him at a press conference complaining about Marshawn Lynch’s fines for not talking enough to the media, or saying NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has too much power, he’s not talking just as a teammate or a player, he’s speaking up as a shop steward.

WPEA will be drawing a winner on December 4 for a pair of tickets to the December 20 Seahawks-Browns game. Get your entry in here. And shop union.

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poppyIn memoriam

On October 4, WPEA member Dylan Tripp died in a tragic motorcycle accident in Arlington. Dylan was a forester with the Department of Natural Resources. He joined the union in 2012.

WPEA extends our deepest condolences to Dylan's friends and family.



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