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WPEA announces scholarship winners

The WPEA Scholarship Committee met on August 7 to decide this year's scholarship winners. Out of 40 applications, the committee awarded 12 scholarships. The committee is pleased to announce the following scholarship winners:

KING 5 investigates management raises

JULY 10--Today, Reporter Chris Ingalls met with WPEA President Kent Stanford about management pay raises at DNR. Go to for more.

"It is very, very disappointing to see one individual get a double digit raise in a couple of years and the hard working men and women that put their lives on the line get a single digit raise that everyone else in the state got," Stanford said.


Congratulations to Olympic College!

Olympic College was one of the ten finalists for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. Learn more about the Aspen Prize.



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debate questions

For this election cycle, UFCW is launching a new effort called ‪#‎AnswerMyQuestion2016‬. The goal is really simple.

We want all the 2016 presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, to answer your questions and those that matter to hardworking families - and there is no better time to ask tough questions than a debate.

So here is what you can do…Tell us what questions you have for the presidential candidates at this first Democratic debate. Take a video of you holding a sign with your question, or just your picture of your question.

Whether it’s a picture, video, or just a written question, you can post it at We hope you encourage your friends and co-workers to do the same.