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Tell legislators to fund your contract

phoneYou bargained them; the governor supports them. Now it's time to tell the legislature to fund the cost-of-living increases for state employees.

State employees have been doing more with less, facing nothing but cuts since 2008. Call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and tell the legislature to invest in public employees and FUND the 3% cost-of-living increase.

Rally calls for Shared ProsperityShared Prosperity rally

On February 20, WPEA members joined 800 other labor supporters at the state Capitol to rally for Shared Prosperity. Read more on the Washington State Labor Council's news site, The Stand.

“Workers deserve a share of the prosperity that they create and the economy grows when this happens. We need to raise wages and grow the economy,” said WSLC President Jeff Johnson as he opened the rally.


Welcome to the new board

UPDATE: Three new board members were installed on February 9. Stephanie Falcon (DNR) is the new District 6 Vice President, Candace Alvarez is District 8 VP, and Janet Parker is District 10 VP.

On January 10, the 2015-2017 WPEA board was installed. This includes new WPEA President Kent Stanford (DNR) and Secretary-Treasurer Mark Baca (DOR).

2015 boardThere are many familiar faces on the 2015-2017 Executive Board, including WPEA Recorder Fawn Hacker, and vice presidents Carl Sofie (1), Raoul Perez (2), Frank Akerley (3), Larry Pasco (4), Roger Montanez (5), and Becky Turnbull (9). And past vice president Patti Pollardo has returned to represent District 7 and Mary Davis also joined the board, representing District 11.


2015 Legislature will look at COLAs

This session, the legislature will decide whether to fund the 2015-17 state employee contracts. Contact your legislator to let them know how important this issue is to you, their constituent. It's important to continue to fight for the first cost-of-living increases since 2008.

The increases passed the first hurdle when the Office of Financial Management certified that were financially feasible. Read more about the OFM finding in The Olympian.Also, Governor Inslee included funding for the 2015-2017 state employee contracts. Read the budget highlights.

As the session progresses, we’ll work to fund these contracts, give public employees a voice in policy changes, save pensions, and stop attacks on your right to bargain. To join the fun this legislative session, contact Seamus Petrie at or (800) 544-9732 x116.


Members approve contracts for 2015-17

The contracts include two across-the-board increases: a 3% raise in July 2015 and approximately 1.8% in 2016.

The new health benefits agreement maintains the 85/15 premium split and limits out-of-pocket cost increases in the UMP Classic plan.


Thank you to the bargaining team members!

The General Government team included Frank Ackerly (DOR), Paul Baldwin (WSSB), Jeff Freshley (WSDA), Joe Hubbard (DOL), Tim Lynch (WSLCB), Frank Marshall (DOR), Larry Pasco (WSP), and Kent Stanford (DNR).

The Higher Education team included Candace Alvarez (OC), Jaleel Brown (TCC), Rafe Carroll (WVCC), Billie Garner (CC), Linda Gulbransen (PC), Randy Karnath (GHC), Mindy Neissl (WWCC), Jan Ng (BC), Patti Pollardo (EdCC), and Alex Swidergal (CCC).

The Highline College team included Dana Rollins, George Babcock, and Gary McCune.

The Yakima Valley Community College team included Jeff Morrow, Lisa Rice, Marie Kennedy, and Pam Moon.


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