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The Freedom Foundation makes broad request for member information

UPDATE: WPEA has secured a temporary restraining order and is still pursuing a permanent injunction. Please encourage your workers and fellow members to contact the Freedom Foundation – ask them what they want the information for, ask them what their plans are to keep this information safe, and make it clear you don’t want them in your business.

Jami Lund from the Freedom Foundation is demanding the state release personal information about state employees, including birthdates.  This is the same organization that works to dismantle state government and destroy unions.

The organization submitted a Public Records Request for union members’ personal information including your name, birthdate, and work email.  WPEA is consulting legal counsel to protect your information but you can take action now.

Tell Jami Lund and the Freedom Foundation you don’t want to be contacted by them and you are angry that they are requesting your personal information.  Join the other members already standing up against this violation. Call the Freedom Foundation at 360-956-3482 and demand your privacy.


Join us for this year's steward conferences

This year, Washington Public Employees Association celebrates 60 years strong. We are hosting WPEA Shop Steward Conferences on May 21 in Olympia and June 4 in Yakima. The conferences will include training for new and existing shop stewards, as well as training on the contracts and labor history.

Events are open to current members-in-good-standing. Learn more and register now.


2016 scholarship application now online

Check out the application for more information.


Bellevue College library
staff show their solidarity!BC librarians

From left to right: Bellevue College library staff Paula Laine, Gordon Hom, Benayah Israel, Becky Turnbull, and Larry Boykin.


Kitsap Regional Library

Kitsap Regional Library

Librarians rock: WPEA members Gail Goodrick, Lisa Longmire, and Michelle Will.


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On March 29, SCOTUS announced a 4-4 ruling on Friedrichs v. CTA, upholding the lower court's decision in favor of public-sector unions.

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